You encounter true love very rarely... I doubt whether some people ever do... No one knows when it would come. But when it comes around, I think one must hold on to it and not let go.

True love is when a person's life means absolutely nothing without the other person being a part of it. Without him or her its like opening a window and seeing utterly nothing outside where as with true love you see the vibrancy of life in all its colour and splendor..

True love is when you live your life for the one you love and not only for yourself. It is when every decision you make takes into account the need to be with the other person.

True love is when you think about the person you love the first thing when you wake up, the last thing before you go to bed and all the time in between.

It means that you give your partner priority above all else and anything else...

True love is when every time you think of your partner and every time you are with your partner it gives you butterflies in your stomach. And that feeling is so strong that you know it will last a lifetime...

True love for a person is when you demand more and more from them and however much they give does not satisfy you.

It is when you know that you want to wake up with this person and go to bed with this person every night for the rest of your life.

True love is felt when your partner gives you courage to do things you would not have tried if the person was not with you. It is the confidence you get when you know that someone else loves you endlessly and is waiting for you to be back with them.

True love is when you feel like you want to listen to the partner no matter what they are talking about..

True love is when you feel like telling your partner what you want.. what you want to do.. where you want to go without thinking twice about the way your partner reacts..

True love is when you don't want to leave this person to go to work and when you are so eager to leave work as soon as possible to be back with in their arms.

It is a feeling that even if you can only afford one slice of bread and are forced to sleep on the street, you still are the happiest person alive because you partner is there beside you.

It is when you feel that everything you do, you wish you could do with the person you love.

It is where you can't imagine what life would be like without that person.

It is loving that person with all their faults and accepting them for what they are because you know deep within that they truly love you back.

It is where you are willing to sacrifice what is important to you just to be with the person you love and to make them happy.

It is a feeling where however much you be with that person you still remain unfulfilled because you want more and more.

True love is when you wont have to force your self to be faithful to your partner and you be faithful to your partner cos you want to not because you have to or you are forced to...

True love is the warmth you feel when you close your eyes and feel that your partner is beside you even when they are not around...

True love is the the feeling you cant describe in words when you are with that person because your words get all jumbled up and fuzzy. The only way to find out what the other person feels is to look deep into their eyes and understand what those feelings are.

True love is where you sincerely tell the other person what you actually feel about them without holding anything back however stupid it may be. It is when you don't feel embarrassed to say what is truly in your heart.

True love is the readiness and willingness to stand up for the person you love without thinking of the consequences.

True love is doing what the one you love asks you or expects you to do without she having to remind you. And it is doing it as a priority and not only when you have free time.

True love is when you count on, rely on and hang on to every word your partner says because it is so very important.It is doing something that you told you partner you would do because you know she is counting on you to do it.

It is being true to your partner even though that truth may hurt them. You partner in turn has to accept that truth and not make life difficult for the one who is telling the truth.

True love is the only thing that would justify what you are doing when simple logic and rationality does not justify your actions.

It is turning up on time when you meet your partner,giving something you promised or doing something you said you would do because you take the one you love seriously (and not for granted)

True love is where two people are able to cry together and laugh together

True love is when you feel that the rest of the world does not exist when you kiss the one you love and when they are in your arms. It is as though the two of them are the only two people in the world at that time and even after kissing your partner, the feeling of that kiss lingers on long after wards.

True love is when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person without any doubt in your mind.

It is a feeling where you are able to feel what your partner is feeling without she having to say anything to you.

True love is putting the one you love ahead of you and your well being.

True love is when you feel that nothing really matters in your life without this other person being in it.

True love is only a reality when the other persons loves you back the same and feels just the same as you do... <3


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