I have often heard people saying I have fallen in love. But, The only question that pops up in my mind is whether what they have fallen for is actually love or infatuation.
According to me, Love isn't what we just feel on seeing a beautiful girl or a handsome hunk. Love is that feeling which comes from underneath. It is not just what we feel because we like a person on seeing them the first time. Because that is not love, that feeling is called INFATUATION!!

Love, in reality, is very difficult to define. Love is that which happens to us when we want the happiness of some other person more than us. Love is that when the outer looks does not matter. No matter how the person looks, it is all the feelings that matter. It is all the love that the person shows does matter, It is all the care that matters, It is all that simple 'I Love you' or a 'I miss you' in between a busy day dat matters.

So, the next time, you say you have fallen in love.. Think whether it is love or Infatuation.....