I have often seen girls crying for the guy who left. I have often seen them wasting their life for someone who doesn’t just care whether you exist or not.  
Dear Girls… Please stop being that girl. That girl who goes back continuously and thinks that every time will be different. I understand you miss him, and it’s just so easier to breathe with him around. But isn’t it easier to smile when he’s not breaking up with you, or getting mad at you for nothing?
Truly, you don’t deserve to be the backup; you really don’t deserve that in your life because that person is the one who has already taken you for granted. He thinks he can drop you any time and pick you up whenever he feels like. But, don’t be that girl who he can take for granted. You are not a toy that he can play with your feelings every time.
Don’t be someone who thinks at each time he comes around he means what he says and won’t leave again when everyone knows that he will; he will again leave you in your old condition. And then you just end up looking like a fool...
Again, I get that you are happier when he is texting you and cuddling with you. But aren’t you happier when you aren’t crying on your floor because he hasn’t said a word to you all day? No one can tell you who to be. But don’t be that girl because you are smarter than that girl; Stronger than that girl and worth a hell of a lot more than that girl.
So, stop being that girl; you are not a toy but your father’s princess who deserves to be loved, cared and respected… :)

I wish I were a child again,
No pain.. No jealously..
Totally reckless and carefree…

I did a mistake in falling in Love,
At least he couldn’t have broken my heart..
I could play all day with a Cardboard box,
And my paintings were considered art…

I wish I were a child again,
When the world was fun and small…
I wish I was that child again,
Allowed to cry when I would fall…

When I was young I didn’t care,
My life was so simple that way..
All firsts – I had nothing to compare,
I was just living that way…

I wish I were a child again,
I never noticed someone’s pain..
Never cared what is going on,
And never was so lonely…

All I wish is…
I was that child again..
I was that small child again….

Is that LOVE???

People say love can't be defined..
But I feel that you need to know what love is in order to know your relation better...
Because If you can't explain what love is... Then you probably don't know what it is..!

Yeah.. I do agree that it is a feeling beyond words.. But.. Then are ways to describe it...
It might turn out to be that the feeling you think is love isn't love actually..!

LOVE at First Sight?? Is that Love? That feeling which we hear people telling about?

What do you at all know about the person you fell for? for the person you fell in first sight?

Love is a great feeling.. It means to care.. to understand.. to share.. to love.. to be happy.. to make someone smile.. to tease that someone.. love means to respect.. to believe.. to have faith.. to be loyal and faithful... This is what is called LOVE..

Have you ever thought that how seeing someone can make you fall in love with someone..?
Beacuse its not Love.. its LUST.....!!!

When you endlessly care for someone.. when you are always there for someone and you make them smile.. they make you smile.. you have great understanding and you support each other.. this doesn't mean you are lovers..!
It might b so that you guys were meant to b Best Friends!
Friendship often changes into Love but not its always Love because love is greatly messed with friendship..

Soo.. Stop messing up relations!
Stop confusing other feelingf with love!!
Because no other feeling is as great as this is!
When people say "Hey, you can't be just friends with him or her.. You people have soo much in common.."
Just say "Yeah! And that's why we are best friends!"
Because its better to value what you have got..!

So.. Just because you do not have 'Someone Special' doesn't mean that you can make anybody that 'Somebody special'.. Its better to give time to everything only then it will b perfect..!

"Just wait for love to knock at your door instead of chasing it.. It will give better results!" :)

Now-a-days, there are many number of books hitting the market. Such numbers make it difficult for readers like us to choose a book falling in our category and meeting our own eligibility criteria.
But, this one book had always been in my mind owning to the author, who is a great friend and the number of praises I had heard for the book.

Well, this book, like all others is a love story. It starts with our protagonist, Jayrish who dreams of joining the IIT after fighting with his parents and flying to Delhi, all by himself. That is the place he meets Shweta, who becomes his life in just a small span of time. He tries to achieve the world for her but at the end she leaves him to live alone.

Now for the review, like all the other books that I have been reading, the story is not an exception but still then, the perfect moments described in this book are just fabulous. They, truly have no comparison to any of the books written in the present world. The romantic moments described are just awesome. Moreover, a great like for the poems, the love letters and the conversations described are a piece of great hard work on the part of the author. I would also suggest the present day teens to read this book owning to the description of love and the feel present in this book which is missing in this world now!

As a whole, I would suggest that 'Did she love me?' is a good book and the readers won't regret buying it because of its writing and the moments described. I would give this debut book by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar, a 4 out of 5 and I hope this books adds weight to the other love stories in the market.