I have often heard girl’s intonating about being SINGLE on the Valentine’s Day. Oh Please! Being Single gives many rewards too. Let’s try to see the better side of the curtain -    

-> FREEDOM - They say being a girl refers to succumbing to various restrictions, peer pressure of the parents, and then the husband. But not in the present world where girls possess their own identity, but some boyfriends and some relationships always tend to make your life a living hell. “Don't wear sleeveless dresses, don't wear skirts, don't roam out late, and this and that,” Phew. Chuck it. It’s your own heavenly abode and you are permitted to be that free bird, isn't it?

-> LATE NIGHT OUTS - Except for some free minded boyfriend, most of the guys seem to be so possessive about their girl. Of course dear guys, we love the concern you shower us with, but to a limit. Every girl loves to party till late night, and every girl deserves that too. So why relent your girl, and girl's if you're single, you know exactly what to do on weekends or any other eve, including the Valentine’s.

-> QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, and QUESTIONS - This is where I personally feel every girl deserves a break from. I mean, Seriously? Guys, we know how to take care of ourselves, hence we don't need to let you know every location we are in, and what we are doing. Grow up people. Asking us every minute detail on the pretext on you caring doesn't make you a better boyfriend, com'on we don't live in the 19th century, do we?

->  SAVING MONEY – Okay, so who mentioned that it is only the guys who give you gifts on Valentine’s or any other day? Please! Keep that ancient theory with yourself. We girls, too do the needful to make our better half feel special. And, not to forget, saving on that overpriced gown, those makeup products, those stilettos to look the best on any special date and using that on those seducing boots would no doubt make you more contented.

-> FLIRT - Trust me guys, flirting doesn't mean we're liking a guy, or we want the relationship to grow stronger, neither do talking to 'your' friends mean we are grabbing a chance on him. Just like you, we girls are social beings too, who need friends, and for every girl out here - 'Yes, we do prefer to have friends from the opposite gender than like ours', for to admit the truth, guys do prove better friends to all girls. I hope all my girlfriends would agree, don’t you? Hence talking to a guy nicely or lovingly DOESN'T mean we are trying to hit on him. Give us a break, please.

-> TIME WITH GIRLFRIENDS – You agree or you don’t, in every girl’s guys there may be scores of guys, who come soon, and leave sooner. But your best friends cum girlfriends never leave your side that easily. It is always better to go for shopping or spend time lazily at the spa with your girlfriends, and then what can be better than discussing about your everyday crushes with your best friend and thinking about measures to try to impress them. ;)

-> OVER - POSSESSIVENESS – Over-possessive boyfriends can be a pain in the ass. Of course, every girl wants some possessiveness in her life, but too much of everything is bad. Talking on phone at 11, and he is angry thinking you're cheating on him, replying to some one's else Whatsapp till late nights after texting him a good night curves his nerve. What the fuck? It’s your life, and you have all right to text or talk to anyone, isn't it?

P.S. This post isn't intended to any particular man, but generally to all. I just want to lay down the benefits of being #foreveralone, and guys, you know we love you. ;)