Lying under the dark night sky and gazing at that dazzling firmament, 
I see the isolated moon amidst those twinkling stars.. 
It seems so romantic, yet so sequestered, 
Infact, it is so quixotic and ambiguous.. 
But, everytime I look at that composed figure, 
I fall in love with its tranquility.. 

It gives a feeling of veracity, yet it is bogus; 
It seems to be so near and evenly smiling at you, yet it is so far.. 
It provides the most passionate atmosphere for people in love, 
It makes them feel the love present in its calmness, 
But, every time I look at that composed figure, 
I fall in love with its tranquility.. 

It offers the most secluded place for a broken-hearted; 
It appeases the traumatised, placates the troubled, 
And it mollifies the despondent, 
It helps forget all melancholies through its pacifying nature, 
But, everytime I look at that composed figure, 
I fall in love with its tranquility..

It was the Diwali night and Riya was standing in her balcony seeing that new look of the city in the festive eve. The rustling sound of crackers and the lightning in the sky was spellbinding. She just sat there trying to remember some memories of the last Diwali she had with her best friend, Sumit. “A memorable one it was …” she murmured and sighed.
            She had often heard people saying that having a best friend who loved and cared for you was much better than having a boyfriend who didn’t guarantee to stay forever because as the reality was friendship offered more loyalty than any lover could ever give. Same was her case; she had found that best friend cum lover in her best friend and she was more than happy with that feeling. They used to spend hours together- teasing each other, caring for each other but they weren’t in a relationship. People would often comment on the bond they shared and on the fact that they were so guileless with each other but this never bothered them. They were happy in their own world in which they didn’t give a damn of what’s happening in the world. In fact, they complimented each other’s life and were the happiest people to be ever found …
But, sometimes, as it’s said, destiny makes people meet but doesn’t let them to be together. Riya and Sunit were the victim of the game cruelly played by destiny. Many sorts of misunderstandings had crept up in the bond which was unbreakable and everything had shattered in their life. Riya had fallen for her best friend and she was afraid of letting him know about her feelings’. She tried to distance herself from the guy she loved because she knew that Sumit loved some other girl. He had shared his feelings’ about some other girl with her. As such, she didn’t want to spoil Sumit’s life and wanted him to be happy. So she moved away from his life. This resulted in a disastrous situation and the bond that they shared had started to weaken. As the days progressed, Sumit tried more to court that other girl by taking advices from Riya about the same and it was becoming unbearable for the girl to take all this and see her love fall for someone else. A day came, when someone told Riya that Sumit had got into a relationship with that girl and this broke her already broken heart to small bits. Though she herself wanted Sumit to settle but she knew that she would never be happy without him.
It was impossible for her to accept the fact that Sumit could never be her boyfriend and she stopped taking Sumit’s call. She stopped replying to his texts; Sumit tried his best to maintain both relations with his girlfriend and his best friend but love always ruins friendship and Sumit got drifted from Riya due to his newly found relationship and Riya was unable to take it more. It was intolerable for her to see Sumit smiling with another girl and giving all his time to her. She loved Sumit selflessly and wanted him to be happy with his girlfriend.
Riya changed her number without informing Sumit and went her way. She wanted Sumit to be happy always in his life and she preferred to put all her happiness at stake for him, for her best friend and the love of her life.  Destiny had compelled them to part ways and they were left with no other option.

            Riya closed her eyes remembering the scintillating Diwali she had with her best buddy, Sumit, the very last year before they parted ways six months ago. Suddenly she heard her little brother calling, “Di, I wanna go out to see these crackers please, c’mon let’s go …” Riya was in no mood to relive the moments of the past year and she wanted to be alone this year with her loneliness and her saved up memories and so she let down her brother’s wish asking him to go away and leave her all alone. But, her seven year old brother was not the one to understand the situation and since she loved her brother the most, after losing her parents in the car blast many years ago, she had to make him happy. So, she complied with his wish and went to the chowk where scores of crackers were being lighted giving the atmosphere a dazzling look. Her brother went on running everywhere trying to see everything and she found her happiness by giving all joys to this little one.
            As she kept on wandering in the lighted streets, she suddenly bumped and fell on the road. She was hurt and had tears in her eyes while her brother was nowhere to be seen. She was tensed and was unable to stand up, walk and look for the latter. She tried her best when she sensed a hand in her arms helping her get up. A bit comforted by the warmth, she stood up to look at the face of the beneficiary at the time of need. Her eyes met with his and she saw a face well known to her.
Yeah! It was Sumit, her love and her life whom she had left months ago. It was the same adorable face with the deepest eyes smiling at her. It was the same strong hands supporting her to get up just like it used to happen six months ago. She was shocked and was awestruck by seeing him. Words weren’t coming out from her mouth and all she could whisper was, “Sss … uummmitttt …” He was happy too, she could sense the sparkle in his eyes. She was in loss of words and had been lost in those memories of the past when Sumit shook her arms gently trying to make her come back to the reality. There were numerous questions in her mind and she couldn’t ask any and she heard his voice, “How are you? Did you find your prince charming?”
            Once again, Riya felt numb. She had no answers as she still loved him. She tried to reciprocate but no sound escaped her mouth. The power of her gallant love was what she had never known before. She hugged him tight. There were tears in those beautiful, limpid eyes and she muttered “I loved you Sumit and I still do …” in his ears.  There was so much she wanted to say to him but her words were not contemplating with her feelings’. She had finally confessed her feelings’ after months of silence and she felt herself relieved. But, she regretted the very next moment for her absurd behaviour. A bit disheartened, she realized that Sumit had been in a relationship and this could ruin his life. She was in her own thoughts and her own little world where her heart and her mind where giving different opinions of what she had said to him when a voice left her bizarre. Sumit had responded with “I love you too …”
            Riya couldn’t believe her ears on hearing Sumit’s words and loosened her grip on his body. She parted herself from him and looked at his eyes intensely trying to understand whether whatever she heard was true or just an illusion of her own feelings’. But, with one glimpse of his smiling face, she knew that it was the reality and her Sumit was back. She asked him if whatever she heard was true and he gave an affirmative answer.
He said, “I realized my love, my feelings’ for you after you went away. I had never actually loved that girl I was in a relationship with. I could never find that frankness with her which I found with you. I could never love her like I loved you. I could never try to create a bond with her which I had created with you … Yes! I love you Riya. I have been trying to contact you since three months but have been unsuccessful. You changed your number, blocked me on face book and went away from my life like you never existed. I am sorry I could understand my own feelings’ for you… But, its high time, might be destiny wanted us to be together. I want you to be my life partner, will you be?” 
The long lost dream of Riya was going to be true after a silence of six months and her self-effacing love was going to be bear fruits now. She replied affirmatively and soon enough, her lips were wet with his. They kissed in the crowded chowk itself and this lip-lock signified the reunion of two lost lovers. They broke the kiss to see a cracker lighted on the sky just like the one which she had witnessed with Sumit the last year and hugged him again. This time the hug melted them into others’ arms and they were the gladdest couple on Earth. :)