“Look into my eyes” He said sternly.

Sandwiched between the wall and him, she was already sobbing but his harsh voice made her look above to match the blue light shining in his pupil.

“What? What do you think of yourself?” He again said with the same persistence, making her tremble to his voice.

She went numb. Not even a word escaped her mouth as she started crying out loud giving way for her grief, her guilt to pass away with the colourless tears.

“I am sorry sir, I have been your slave always and I will always be but now I love you…”

“You? You love me? You know what you are? You know your worth? I brought you for my enjoyment for 1000 bucks and you love me? You good-for-nothing-bitch” he said like that devil with a consternating smile on his lit up face.
His words were true. She was just a sex worker for him but then what made her fall for him. She knew nothing about why she was expressing her feelings to a devil like him and that too only for this evil result…
“But, but sir… I…”

‘What, you?” He stopped her in between and held her tight, groping her slim and slender waist in his strong arms.
He pushed her into the wall more and dug himself into her as he placed his lips over her and fiercely bit her lips.

Within a moment, blood flowed from her lips while her hair gave her a witchy and uglier look and he just went towards the door, leaving her to suffer alone in the big mansion.

She cried, cried aloud and begged but no amount of tears, no feelings stopped him. She knew he had gone away to fulfill his pleasures with another girl. But she stood helpless, watching him go, watching him to, might be, never return.

About the book – Love it or hate it, you have to accept the fact that the world revolves around the four-letter word… LOVE
Welcome to the roller-coaster ride of Priyanka, a whacky urban girl and her misadventures with love because it’s not always about first love, it’s about growing up in love with different people and in different situations.
     She gets one, loses him.
     She gets another, loses him again.
   And then she embarks on the journey of her third relationship determined to finally prove that she’s not just another victim of the love-break-up scene. Mind you, this isn't just another love story; her present boyfriend is in love with two girls at the same time.
   Will she be able to survive now? Why does love have to bump into her in most bizarre situations?
            Do long distance relationships work out? Is daring your ex’s best friend justified? Can love be found on social networking sites? Is love at first sight possible? Does being the other woman in a relationship actually matter?

About the author- Harshita Srivastava is from Kanpur and has done her schooling from St. Mary’s Convent High School and DPS. She is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Noida. Even though an engineer, she is a writer at heart. She is an avid reader and a prolific blogger. She loves reading classics and is a die hard fan of Mills and Boons. She loves to see happiness around her, so she’ll always be found motivating people or making them smile. This is her debut work and she plans to be a full time writer in future. Apart from writing, she loves travelling, reading listening to music and spending time with friends and family. She is an active blogger and may be contacted at hsrivastava0205@gmail.com

My reviews – A novel is always comprised of both good and bad aspects. No matter what you say, it is never easy to pen down a novel because everything ranging from the cover to the script, the grammar to the language needs to be perfect without which the literary piece is actually incomplete. First about the cover of the novel, it is an exceptional piece of art. Simple yet mesmerizing. People say, “A book should never be judged by the cover” but when the cover is just so enthralling, you end up picking the book, don’t you? Same is the case in this piece by Harshita.
Another important point was “the script’. I loved it to the core. Love is most of the times painful, similar circumstance did Priyanka, our protagonist, go through. She got a boyfriend in the name of Shashank Agarwal only to find that it was mere infatuation for him. And, he left her like there was nothing between them. But, but about Priyanka? He never thought how she would survive without the person she loved. Again a second relationship with her ex’s best friend ruined her life yet again. With no hard feelings for the other gender, it is a hard fact in every girl’s life. Guys, who love to play around, don’t really give a damn to what the other person feels and it was what ruins the name of love. And this feeling has so beautifully been described by our author, that you would give a second read to the same.
The story unfolds in front of you like a beautiful movie imprinted just for you and you get immersed in it like never before. Again for a third relationship, Priyanka doesn’t give her yes at once. She is afraid, after all every girl would be after two heartening breakups with no fault of hers. But did she accept the relationship? Did she fall for a guy named Shashank Mittal, who possessed the same name as her ex? Well, that is suspense for you to unveil and know about Priyanka’s ardent journey in the name of love.    
            Again the language was kept simple for the people to grab the story line easily and I can guarantee that investing on the novel won’t prove to be a waste for you. J

My verdict – Given the script, the language, and the cover; this literary piece deserves a 4 out of 5 rating from my side and it is a readable piece. So keep reading and spread the happiness.

Thank you.