“The birth of a girl is akin to the arrival of Lakshmi” goes a Hindi saying. But does the country where being a woman is something to be proud of, really cares about the respect and the pride of its woman? Does it really care to count how many innocent deaths occur because of molestation and rapes? Because the reality is that it would be termed as a miracle if a girl child survives in the country because even before she is born, she is at a high risk of being aborted and what’s the great point even if she lives. She is subjected to molestations, rapes and early marriage and then killed for dowry.

          The Preamble to the Constitution of India declares India “to be a Sovereign, Socialist, Democratic Republic and secures to all its citizens Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

            But, the real question is where the principle of “sovereignty” gone? Where is the “equality and justice” for all gone? Are they just meagre principles? Are they included in the Constitution for mere show-off? Where is the so called “fundamental right” of woman, the right to freedom and the right to equality gone? Is this the India dreamt of, by our forefathers that India would become a country which has the most number of molestations and rapes? Altogether 44,159 cases of rapes and molestations were recorded in India which shifts India to third position in this heinous crime just after England and Germany.

         And, with such a distressing situation prevailing in India, what are the youths, who are the so called future of India doing? Are they are getting so very desperate for physical pleasure, for sex that they rape any girl openly in the road, in a moving bus and then throw them out bruised and naked on the road without any cover to hide their nudity. Or are they getting so caring for their wife such that they don’t have sex with another being owing to which they drill holes in her genitals, lock it and keep the key in their socks. Or they find it better to video record the scene and upload it on YouTube rather than saving the girl who is getting raped and is losing her respect in front of the public.

           Whoa… Is this the Indian republic? In fact, as per the statistics, it is not just the people who are not known to a girl rapes her, more number of girls are now raped by their kith and kin because they lay their so called trust on these people and the latter just misuse the trust. Why can’t the inhuman people just understand that rape is a crime that defies all logic and the circumstances a girl faces can never be described in mere words? Because a rape is a crime, no matter the girl is a “prostitute” or the rapist is a husband, brother or an unknown being. Yes! It doesn't just matter. Some of the most brutal, inhuman and merciless cases are

=> Delhi Rape Case-A Paramedical student was gang-raped in the South Delhi in a moving bus and thrown out on the road along with her badly beaten boyfriend. Around five to seven men in the bus, including the driver, allegedly misbehaved and then sexually assaulted her in the moving bus.

=> Guwahati Rape Case- On the late hours on GS Road, Guwahati, a teenage girl was allegedly molested and manhandled by a crowd of approximately 30 people outside a bar. The case was made known to public when the video was aired by News Live, going viral on YouTube.

=> Indore Case- A brutal tale of a mechanic was reported in Indore, who pierced the genitals of his wife and inserted a lock there in order to prevent her from having an affair.

          So, as per the above analysis, it is high time now; it is time to stop this heinous crime; it is time to ask justice for woman; it is time to prove to the world that India is not a sex-obsessed country; it is time to make laws as severe as people would think a hundred times before committing such a odious crime and yes, this can be achieved if all Indians act together because it is not just the sexual abuse which counts. Even if a passer-by grabs or pinches her; or passes lewd remarks; or when cab drivers adjust their mirrors to stare at her chest; or when guys leave her after having sex with her counts. All amounts to molestations, so what if it’s not so serious but doesn't she loose her pride with these small incidents, doesn't the scar subside deep down in her heart?  

           I know until and unless stark decrees are passed for punishment of those bastards, women in India aren't safe but if each and every individual do their bit, the number of such atrocious cases can be reduced.Try to respect her emotions in the form of a mother; venerate her love, her care in the form of a sister; value her commitments in the form of a girlfriend rather than discerning of her as a sex commodity, a toy for physical pleasure because if she gives you her body, it’s because she loves you to the extent you can’t imagine. Try to protect her from those rogues instead of being a silent spectator or making a video. These are temporary measures, no doubt, but if applying them can reduce the number, it is obligatory to do so.Hence, instead of updating your face book status, instead of twitting and feeling sorry for the girl who has gone through such a treatment in her life; save another girl. Save that girl who might be targeted next because you never know that woman may be your wife, your girlfriend, your sister or even your mother. Save her! Save her from dying! Save her from losing her respect! Save woman! Save India in your own little way.

           I am doing my bit, are you? Spread the word because everyone is entitled to live their life with dignity, don’t they and if you don’t get it free, you need to fight and get it.