Is that LOVE???

People say love can't be defined..
But I feel that you need to know what love is in order to know your relation better...
Because If you can't explain what love is... Then you probably don't know what it is..!

Yeah.. I do agree that it is a feeling beyond words.. But.. Then are ways to describe it...
It might turn out to be that the feeling you think is love isn't love actually..!

LOVE at First Sight?? Is that Love? That feeling which we hear people telling about?

What do you at all know about the person you fell for? for the person you fell in first sight?

Love is a great feeling.. It means to care.. to understand.. to share.. to love.. to be happy.. to make someone smile.. to tease that someone.. love means to respect.. to believe.. to have faith.. to be loyal and faithful... This is what is called LOVE..

Have you ever thought that how seeing someone can make you fall in love with someone..?
Beacuse its not Love.. its LUST.....!!!

When you endlessly care for someone.. when you are always there for someone and you make them smile.. they make you smile.. you have great understanding and you support each other.. this doesn't mean you are lovers..!
It might b so that you guys were meant to b Best Friends!
Friendship often changes into Love but not its always Love because love is greatly messed with friendship..

Soo.. Stop messing up relations!
Stop confusing other feelingf with love!!
Because no other feeling is as great as this is!
When people say "Hey, you can't be just friends with him or her.. You people have soo much in common.."
Just say "Yeah! And that's why we are best friends!"
Because its better to value what you have got..!

So.. Just because you do not have 'Someone Special' doesn't mean that you can make anybody that 'Somebody special'.. Its better to give time to everything only then it will b perfect..!

"Just wait for love to knock at your door instead of chasing it.. It will give better results!" :)


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