Now-a-days, there are many number of books hitting the market. Such numbers make it difficult for readers like us to choose a book falling in our category and meeting our own eligibility criteria.
But, this one book had always been in my mind owning to the author, who is a great friend and the number of praises I had heard for the book.

Well, this book, like all others is a love story. It starts with our protagonist, Jayrish who dreams of joining the IIT after fighting with his parents and flying to Delhi, all by himself. That is the place he meets Shweta, who becomes his life in just a small span of time. He tries to achieve the world for her but at the end she leaves him to live alone.

Now for the review, like all the other books that I have been reading, the story is not an exception but still then, the perfect moments described in this book are just fabulous. They, truly have no comparison to any of the books written in the present world. The romantic moments described are just awesome. Moreover, a great like for the poems, the love letters and the conversations described are a piece of great hard work on the part of the author. I would also suggest the present day teens to read this book owning to the description of love and the feel present in this book which is missing in this world now!

As a whole, I would suggest that 'Did she love me?' is a good book and the readers won't regret buying it because of its writing and the moments described. I would give this debut book by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar, a 4 out of 5 and I hope this books adds weight to the other love stories in the market.



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