There have been much news about rapes, molestation of girls but the recent headlines of the television now read, “Guwahati Girl molested”. What is this which is going on in this city? A teenager girl, just a 17 year girl can be molested in such a way even after we live in a democratic country like India where we say that there is no discrimination done on the basis of gender.

But, what I want to ask is, Do the Indian girls don’t have the freedom to roam about in the roads during night. This is the question I put up. Do the Indian girls don’t have that freedom to enjoy and live a healthy life that when returning home, one of them gets pulled from the group and stripped in public. Is this the ethics of the young teens in India?

 But thus this incident makes only the city of Guwahati ashamed of itself or the whole India ashamed?
Yes! It makes India, as a whole, ashamed. It makes the young adults, who are considered as the future of India ashamed. It challenges the democracy of India and the security of girls In India. Yeah! It does!

But, it’s high time now that the Government takes steps for improvising the security of girls. It time to stop these heartwarming incidents and have a permanent solution to it…


Anonymous said...

why was a girl aged 17 (minority) doing in a bar late at night...??? and why was she drunk that too alone knowing that it can be vulnerable for thieves, pickpockets (rapists, molesters come later in the list)?????? Why didn't she call someone from her home or relatives to pick her up...????

we know there are anti-social elements in the world.... but why do girls do such thing to agitate those wrong-doers instead of bringing them down by acting humanely..? These questions must be answered first before any allegations are put up...!

rajat jain said...

it was really a heinous act.. Disgusting..

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