I am fine; I am fine...
No I’m not crying..

There is a pain inside my heart
I don’t know what it is.
It’s like a real deep cut,
Oh! It’s so hard to breath.

No one to talk,
No one to share,
Not even my own parents,
Coz they never really care... </3

I am fine; I am fine...
No I’m not crying

I really hate good byes,
They always give me tears.
But I’ve had lots of them in my life
And that is so wired.

Tears fall upon my eyes,
Wish that there is someone to wipe them.
But it never happened in my life,
It’s the ugly truth that wins all the time.

I’m fine I’m fine
No I’m not crying... </3 :(


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Radhika Harlalka said...

thank you! :)

Vikram Nahata said...

very nice poem..

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Thanks! :)

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