To everyone reading this post,
To all the self-proclaimed socialites,
To all the men turned dogs,

I am a girl, a girl who has not been raped or molested but something even worse happened in my life. I was eve teased a number of times. I go to the crowd to find a hand struggling up to my breasts without any one witnessing it. But, I felt it and the very moment left my life shattered in a jiffy. The guilt remains hidden in my heart and it will so forever.
Another day, a pair of brown eyes rested its views on my covered cleavage. The pair kept on ogling to find at least a glimpse of my hidden assets. He kept rubbernecking while I stared at the ground helplessly as no one bothered to give a supporting hand to me.

            So what if I am not raped, does that mean my self-worth and my esteem isn't lost. Every time, I travel through autos, the auto drivers adjust their mirrors to have a glimpse of the slightest of my uncovered body. While travelling on feet, people pass comments "Hey sexy, how have you been?"
All these situations do not amount to molestation, I agree, but can you term it as of lesser significance to that? Every day, I find eyes on my body and trust me, the guilt in my heart keeps on accumulating each day. I can never live the life; I used to live before as a free bird.
But, the question, I wanna put forward is, “Am I born just to listen to these weird remarks and do nothing about it? Have I been given birth to please men with no self-regard for myself? Am I born only for the pleasure of men? Do you think that is the sole purpose for the birth of a girl?
NO. Obviously not. I am not born for that. I want to have my freedom too… I wanna fly high up in the sky with no one to stop me; I wanna walk into trains and buses without having looked at lecherously. I am a woman, a woman who deserves a good life, a woman who is not treated as a commodity for sexual pleasure but as a woman of substance and dignity. I am just a woman, who craves for security, nothing else.

But, can you provide me with that? Can you? 

                                                                                  -A FRUSTRATED LOOKED-DOWN UPON GIRL.


Guwahati Metro said...

You write very well Radhika. A nice one indeed.

radhika_harlalka said...

Thankyou so very much. :)
And, welcome to my blog, hope you'd like to walk alongside. :)

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