Look into my eyes, deep
Stare into my senses, broodingly
Hold me tight…
Hug me like it’s the end
Kiss me passionately
Make me yours…
Wrap me in those strong arms…
And look into my eyes, again

Keep looking, deeply
Keep staring, profoundly
And you’ll realize what you mean
Because you’ll find yourself
At every corner and at every bend
In every glance and in those tears

Come closer…
Wrap me into yourself…
And explore me…
You’ll find yourself yet again
In every moan and in all those sobs
In everything which I claim to be mine

Yeah! Look intensely into my identity
Which is nothing but a vague reflection of yours
Make love to me fervently
Hurt me or tear me apart…
But I promise you...
You’ll find nothing but yet another replica of yourself
Because… I am yours…
And, you can’t change that, Can you?


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