Once again, the Valentine week has begun and so has the pathetic life of mine, which takes a new turn every year. This Valentine week leaves no stone unturned to make me realize that I did the worst mistake of my life by not confessing by love to him. All the happy couples holding hands in hands, guys buying roses for their beloved, couples trying to find a tad of peace for themselves and for their life, couples hiding in some bushes to kiss each other.
          Pheww… Life can really be bad when you know you love someone but can’t have him and I was going through the same situation. I hated this loneliness, this lack of love in my life and the isolation that I had myself got my life into. But, it can’t be changed… I had myself chosen to be a friend to him by not confessing what he meant to me and to my life. Yes, it’s true, not doubt, he hadn’t tried it either… he hadn’t made any efforts too but then, his feelings were obscured from me and I didn’t have any idea about what he felt about me. “Aaargghhhhhh…. These thoughts always make me cry…” a whisper escaped my mouth as I sat down in the park unaccompanied by anyone and witnessing the love birds at some distance.
          It miffed me, or rather I should say, I was indignant to all these situations but this was a way to punish myself more and more for not admitting the fact that I loved him, I loved him from all those broken pieces of my heart which my ex had left in me. Yes! This was the second time; I had fallen in love, with the only difference that this time the fall was profounder than the first one. It wasn’t a fling or an infatuation; it was pure passion, the desire of getting loved in return to the core; it was a yearn to be in his arms forever; and it was a hanker to feel those lips over mine… All these thoughts were continuously rippling when my phone vibrated and flashed, “HIM calling…”
       Yes! It was him… I picked up the call after around thirty seconds till which time I was staring at the cutest pic of his, stored as his contact pic in my cell phone.
Hiding my tears, I picked up his call resentfully and his ever chirping voice got into my ears, “Helloo sweetheart… How’s you doing?”
“Hey, hi…   Just sitting in ….”
“…. in the park, alone like always …. Right?” he said cutting off my sentence in between.
“Hmmm…. Yeah! How come you know that…?”
“…. I know because I am standing behind you ….”  He said breaking the ice between us.
          I looked around to find him staring at me with that cheerful face and the lively smile. I was awe-struck to find him there as I hadn’t expected him there but all of a sudden; he got hold of my hand, and pulled me out from the park to his car…
         I was trying to loosen his grip on my arms and was continuously asking him about where he was taking me but he preferred keeping his mouth shut rather than giving an answer to my flooded mind. I hated this habit of his but he was the person I trusted the most in my life and in no case, I could ever do anything … I blindly just followed him wherever he took me.
       We reached his apartment and he opened the door for me to enter. There was darkness all around the house. I was scared but his hands on my hands give me the required support at that time and I was forced to be with him and not stop him in whatever he was up to…
       We entered his room and he lit the right. It was decorated splendidly. A picture of mine with his, the one which was clicked years ago stood in the corner and as I was admiring the room, he went on his knees and placed the ring in my ring finger.
          I was in short of words… I couldn’t say anything to him … there were tears in my eyes but my words weren’t contemplating to my feelings, they favoured him today. I just sat down on my knees with him and cried out aloud…. Nothing could describe what I felt at that moment of my life… was it the truth or a dream which I wanted to be true… did he really proposed me now … no… it can’t be… he doesn’t love me… I am just having a dream of being in his arms like I used to have always… this is bogus… this surely can’t be reality…. I was in another world… a world of my thoughts and my tears …
          Suddenly, I felt the touch of his lips on my hands, on my ring finger where few moments ago, he had placed the ring and I woke up from the fake world of my dreams and I looked at him… yes… it was the reality… he had proposed me after years of silence… my gallant love was actually bearing fruits on this rose day and I kept on staring at him like it was forever…
          He did the same… we were lost… in each other’s eyes and in each other’s arms…. He came closer to me… closer and more closer … closer till there was no gap between us, no gap of sadness, no gap of insecurity, it was pure love… pure passion…. And his lips touched mine… my body shivered to his touch and I closed my eyes while he took my lips into his and kissed me passionately as if there was no tomorrow … he kept on kissing me until his lips turned dry… and we just lay together with each other… a tear drop escaped my eyes and I whispered, “I love you…”
He responded, “I love you too…” and our journey began…



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