About the book – To what extent can one go for one, to be accepted and to be happy? Can we commit any crime anywhere, anytime and away from it?
Well… Anand does that…
A beautiful looking boy is adopted but is deprived of love and acceptance. And in search of it all, he takes up that easy path of crime – bloodshed, theft, rape, lies- from his mother’s figure, to his teacher’s and to his first love. Anand does just about anything possible to get that long lost love, acceptance and happiness….
But, the real question, don’t we do all that too?
And has it all – money, women, power but is he really happy with this life? He cleverly escapes the law, camouflages his crimes but can he escape his fate?
Join Anand in his journey which is a mirror of our souls – a mixture of our suppressed emotions, angers, fears, desires, lust, passion, love and hatred. Will you think twice before committing a crime or telling a lie? Do we really reap what we sow?
Does Karma returns or is it just a myth? Does Anand pay for what he has done or does he also gets away, like most of us? Let’s find out- It’s about time…

About the author Preeti Singh, as per her words, is a bindass born free woman who scribbles anything that comes to her mind without that obligation of whether it makes sense or not. The only reason behind that is she loves to write from her heart, without using an ounce of her rarely awake brain.

Snuggled happily in the lap of the beautiful City, Chandigarh, Preeti Singh has been a freelance writer since the last 15 years till she decided to write a book, before her call comes towards her final journey.

“Flirting with fate” is her debut crime novel. Why crime? Well, mysteries and crimes have always lit the fire within her to discover the truth. And with her strong belief in Karma returning, she is simply flowing with words in this novel. When she’s not day dreaming and writing, Preeti loves enjoying music, nagging her teenage daughter, not entering the kitchen but playing with her dog, Amber Singh, who is an inquisitive and humorous character in her debut book, “Flirting with Fate”.

My reviews-  I love reading, no doubt, but recently, I have mostly picked up love stories, but, this was an exception! I came about this exciting thriller via face book and couldn’t stop myself from ordering it soon enough and well, I didn't regret the choice I made by giving preference to this crime thriller. In fact, this is one such book which you would like to read at one sitting as the story line grips you hard and you are determined to know what role Karma plays at the end. I loved the way, Preeti Ma’am described Anand’s character and how he ruins it all in the search of love, acceptance, and happiness without wondering about the results. Again, the climax was well described but it was so emotional and something, you wouldn’t expect in the wildest of dreams. The complete book comprising of 237 pages were full of suspense. After reading the book, I had both happiness and sadness on my face and I loved reading this adventurous story by the debut author. 

In a nutshell, “Flirting with fate” is a great novel which teaches you some of the bitter truths of life and given this chance, I would rate this interesting piece of literature a 3.5 out of 5.


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